BOURNE (CBS) — The TS Kennedy is normally a training ship for Massachusetts Maritime Academy students, but it is undergoing necessary preparations in case it needs to deploy to Florida following Hurricane Dorian. The 550-foot-long ship is able to house and feed 600 emergency workers.

Two years ago, FEMA used the TS Kennedy to help recovery efforts in Puerto Rico.

“We’ve learned a little bit from each time they’ve called to ask us to be ready for that and it helps us prepare,” said Capt. Mike Campbell.

TS Kennedy (WBZ-TV)

The ship is already loaded with supplies and could head south in a few days. The specific location it will end up at depends on what areas are hit hardest.

Mass. Maritime President Rear Admiral Fran McDonald said, “By locating the training ship down there, you immediately can locate 400-600 first responders, you have all your own freshwater, you’ve got your own electricity.”

With it being the start of the school semester though, 70 seniors live on the ship. The school will need to provide alternative housing if the ship is deployed.


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