BOSTON (CBS) — This is expected to be a record travel weekend with an estimated 17 and a half million people flying for the Labor Day holiday. Some travelers at Logan Airpot headed to Miami were worried about Hurricane Dorian.

“I’m just hoping it just doesn’t hit until Monday, I want to be out of there,” Caroline Pharm said.

So far, American, Southwest, JetBlue, Spirit, United, and Frontier Airlines are all offering to waive change fees for people flying to Florida and the Caribbean.

“The airline was really good they waived all the fees and stuff, the hotel is giving me a hard time,” said Pharm.

She spent a total of eight hours on the phone making the new arrangements. “It was four hours, twice. Within the last two days.”

Her new flight back lands Sunday night.

Those set to return Tuesday after Dorian makes landfall can only hope the hurricane’s path changes.

“We’ll just see what happens you never know it may go out to sea, right?” Joanne Lucas said.

But not everyone is concerned. “I ain’t worried about it — Miami beach!” said Joseph Steen. “I hope I get stranded there.”

Julian Rivera was just trying to get home to Miami. “My family is there so if I have to put up shutters, I’ll put up shutters but I haven’t even been really looking at it, to be honest,” he said.

If you’re headed to Disney, their policy is: if a hurricane warning is issued within seven days of your trip and you booked through Disney, then they won’t charge you to cancel or reschedule.


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