By Kristina Rex

BOSTON (CBS) – When a hurricane comes to your state, sometimes it feels impossible to be fully prepared. That’s how Floridians landing at Logan Airport were feeling Thursday ahead of Hurricane Dorian, which is expected to make landfall sometime Sunday or Monday.

Hurricane Dorian: Tracking Map

Some of them were coming to Boston for weddings or family reunions – plans they couldn’t change because of an impending storm.

Others, like Millie Kairucbedoya, came to drop their kids off at Boston area colleges.

“[I’m] a little bit nervous,” she said. “I’m supposed to fly back Sunday morning.”

As Kairucbedoya brings one daughter to Boston University, she leaves her husband and other young daughter behind.

“I’m extremely stressed about that,” she said.

Logan Airport travelers kept an eye on the forecast as Hurricane Dorian moves toward Florida. (WBZ-TV)

As Floridians land in Boston, their families and homes 1,000 miles away are on their minds. Back in Florida, grocery stores are being wiped of water and food, and gasoline lines are miles long ahead of what is expected to become a Category 4 Hurricane.

“When they’re like Category 3 and more, people prepare,” Kairucbedoya said. “The stores become very chaotic. Gas stations are bumper to bumper. It becomes a little scary.”

“When the hurricane season comes and the hurricane is coming towards you, the tension level goes up,” added Joe Capozzi, who flew in from West Palm Beach for a wedding. “The anxiety level goes up. That’s something that never goes away.”

Most people at Logan said they’d rather be home throughout the storm.

“You have your property and pets, your car… I hate traveling this time of year,” said Terri Strom from Crystal Lake. “I don’t like to leave Florida when it’s hurricane season.”

Their worst fear, they tell WBZ-TV, is what they will – or won’t – come home to.

“It’s pretty scary because the roads flood, streets are down, you have no power. Your resources are really limited,” Strom said.

“It’s a nightmare,” added Kairucbedoya.

Kristina Rex


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