By Tiffany Chan

BOSTON (CBS) – Dozens of people packed a hearing room at the Massachusetts State House Wednesday as lawmakers heard hours of testimony on gun-related legislation.

One bill (H.2039) would allow police to trace guns used to commit crimes by creating a weapons database. Boston Police Commissioner William Gross says it can be used as a tool to solve homicides beyond city limits.

“If a crime happens in Worcester, then in Brockton and then in Boston – and the ballistics match – that will help every one of these cities and towns facilitate an investigation,” said Gross.

Several pro-gun advocates testified that they feel as if their right to bear arms is under attack.

“Your job is to protect those rights and I don’t see that happening,” said Galen Miller.

One proposal would mandate universal background checks on private gun sales (H.2092) – requiring those sales to be done through a registered gun dealer.

The Massachusetts chapter of the National Rifle Association (NRA) tells us many of these bills target lawful gun owners, instead of the criminals.

“Stop putting mandates on us and start worrying about what’s happening in the city streets,” said Jim Wallace of the Gun Owners Action League of Massachusetts.

This scheduled hearing comes weeks after mass shootings in both Texas and Ohio, among others.

Some Massachusetts lawmakers say even though the state has some of the toughest gun laws in the country, more has to be done to get illegal firearms off the streets.

“We need to understand where these guns are coming from if we’re going to be a state that continues to lead in gun safety,” said Rep. Marjorie Decker (D-Cambridge).

Tiffany Chan

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  1. F.T. says:

    Ma. law makers sre so niave and uneducated in regards to ANYTHING to do with guns. Few, if any have gun permits and make some of the most stupid statements about gun anyone can make, like “High capacity magazines turn semi auto rifles into machine guns”. Thats an actual statement by a politicians. If you do not know a thing about a subject, you should not be allowed to have any input into any laws regarding guns. Ma. gun laws are totally ineffective against criminals using weapons, including, but not limited to just guns.
    Criminals just do NOT obey any laws they do not feel like obeying, period. Hoiw does making life more miserable for a lawful, background checked, licensed and trained gun owner. How does taking someone’s 2nd Amendment rights for a drunk driving charge committed twenty years ago or mor, make anyone safer from a gun crime? Why are you preventing the driver from having his 2nd Amendment RIGHTS.
    I have seen an upswing in gun crimes in MA. in recent months but I do not see one single law legislators have passed that coulsd have or did stop one of these gun crimes. These phonies just want to see their name on a anti gun bill so they can say, “I did something” even if it didn’t make a damn bit of difference.

  2. F.T. says:

    Rape, assaults, attempted murder, home invasions, car jacking, kidnapping, attacks on police, attacks by dangerous animals, attacks on disabled and elderly. These are just a few of the crimes that have been stopped by law abiding, background checked, licensed citizens who exercised their 2nd Amendment RIGHTS. An elderly man in Maine living alone had his apartment broken into several times while he was home and people just came in and took what they wanted. He bought a gun and the same day they camse back again, only it didn’t go well for them. The Apartment complex told the man he could no longer have a gun but the court ruled he had a RIGHT to have a gun for protection.
    A mother, a combat veteran, was sitting home holding her new born when some punks broke in and attacked her. She was wounded but pulled her gun and shot the attackers. She was wounded, as was her infant but she survived because she was able to defend herself.
    This is just two examples of actual events that happen every day. To disarm law abding people is just plain wrong, unlawful and unconstitutional. They’re NOT the problem.
    If you don’t want to own a gun, thats fine. If you are attacked and I am near by, I will use my gun to defend you but you really should be able to defend yourself and your family by yourself till police can arrive.

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