FALL RIVER (CBS) – Authorities in Massachusetts want to get the word out about a drug that looks a lot like candy. The Fall River Police Department shared a photo of MDMA, known commonly as ecstasy or molly, in the shape of “SpongeBob SquarePants” cartoon characters.

The department said it seized the drugs in an arrest on Tuesday. Luisceito Cruz-Dubois is accused of carrying 54 MDMA pills.

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“It is shaped in the form of cartoon characters like ‘Sponge Bob’ ‘Patrick Star’ ‘Squidward Tentacles’ to name a few,” police said in a statement. “There is also a ‘Ferrari’ style emblem in the mix.”

The MDMA drugs resembling “SpongeBob” characters (Photo credit: Fall River police)

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The National Institute on Drug Abuse says MDMA is a synthetic drug that can alter mood and perception and produce feelings of “increased energy, pleasure, emotional warmth and distorted sensory and time perception.” It warns that MDMA use can “promote trust and closeness,” potentially encouraging unsafe sexual behavior.

The community is being urged not to handle MDMA and contact police if they see it.

“Parents, guardians, and caretakers should be on the lookout for these as school starts and Halloween is fast approaching,” the police department said.

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Cruz-Dubois is facing several charges including home invasion, masked robbery, illegally carrying a gun and assault and battery with a hypodermic needle.