BOSTON (CBS) – Bill Weld said he is excited to face off against President Donald Trump as a challenger in a primary election, even though the former Massachusetts governor hasn’t always had a warm relationship with the Republican party.

Weld was asked by WBZ-TV political analyst Jon Keller which of Trump’s positions made him want to run against him. Weld cited Trump’s “domestic and foreign policy.”

“I would not be making this race if it was right after inauguration in 2017,” Weld said. “We didn’t know enough about the president then. Now we know that he’s a congenital liar, a bully, very thin-skinned, insecure, unstable, and has no business being in the Oval Office.”

Keller @ Large With Former Massachusetts Gov. Bill Weld


When asked if there was something Trump has done that he approves of, Weld said he agrees with the president’s decision to increase the NASA budget.

Former Illinois Rep. Joe Walsh announced on Sunday that he will also be running against Trump. Weld said he welcomes the competition.

“I like having a primary. Among other things, it means the media will cover televised debates among the various Republicans running in the primary,” Weld said. “Presumably the president will refuse to participate, and we’ll get an empty chair. That’s better than a sharp stick in the eye.”


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