QUINCY (CBS) – A dump truck fell through the roof of a Quincy parking garage at a medical building on Wednesday. The hole in the garage roof on Furnace Brook Parkway and Copeland Street swallowed the rear of the truck.

The driver behind the wheel of the dump truck carrying gravel got lost and made a U-turn on the top level of the garage. He told police he was using a GPS app on his phone at the time.

No one was injured. The driver was able to pull himself out of the truck and is OK.

A dump truck fell through the roof of a Quincy parking garage. (Image Credit: Tashanea Whitlow/WBZ-TV)

Deputy Chief Edward Fenby of the Quincy Fire Department says two buildings were evacuated as a precaution.

“The gas company has been here to check for gas,” Fenby said. “We have our hazardous material officer here to make sure nothing was leaking, diesel fuel, because we didn’t know what he was carrying at the time.”

A view from below shows a dump truck that fell through a parking garage roof. (Image Credit: Tashanea Whitlow/WBZ-TV)

Employees said they were worried about their own vehicles that are parked below. “Everybody was gasping for air because they want to know if it was their car that got hit,” said Rykia White, who works in the building. “And it wasn’t mine, so I was happy.”

At least one vehicle was damaged. About 50 cars were parked in the garage at the time of the collapse and remain inside.

A crane will remove the truck after the garage is secured. “This is a long-term project,” Fenby said. “It’s going to take the crane company a while to set up, it’s going to take them a long time to rig the strapping to pull this out.”

The owner of the building says the damage could be in excess of one million dollars to repair.


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