By Paula Ebben

BOSTON (CBS) – You may have passed by and never noticed it. Just steps away from the Back Bay T station, a theater is hidden inside a boutique hotel.

The Lyric is the city’s oldest residential theater company and has been entertaining crowds for the past quarter century. The space is unlike any other.

On the second floor of Hotel 140 on Clarendon Street, is a 244 seat theater where the closest spot is just two feet away from the actors.

Director and choreographer Rachel Bertone says she loves, “the intimacy of the space. The audience is right there with you and they feel a part of the action.”

The Lyric Stage in Boston (WBZ-TV)

Stephanie Hettrick has worked as The Lyric’s production manager for the past five years and told us she can’t imagine working for another theater company in Boston.

“It opens up so many possibilities for so many unique things and it’s just this beautiful, welcoming, and comfortable environment,” Hettrick said.

And the hotel is happy to have them. General manager Stacey Fuller says the hotel gets many guests that would not normally come in, but are there because of the theater.

Hettrick said, “The Lyric’s slogan is that this is your theatrical home and we take that really, really seriously. And I just really hope that we can share this, our home, with our audiences and everyone who comes to see our shows this season.”

Little Shop of Horrors kicks off the 2019-2020 season at the Lyric Stage on August 30th and runs through early October.

Paula Ebben


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