By Juli McDonald

MILFORD (CBS) – A mother-to-be in Milford was devastated this weekend to discover her handicap placard was stolen from her driveway. Kayla Dulak lives with multiple sclerosis, and being six months pregnant presents new aches and pains.

“For me my symptoms tend to be dizziness and numbness,” Dulak said. “Other times I can’t see, walk or speak. I have a lot of issues with my legs when it’s hot out.”

This hot weekend, she found herself essentially paralyzed in a shopping plaza. Her placard was gone. She and her husband knew if she used all her energy to walk the parking lot, she’d risk falling in the store. They went home.

“As someone who really relies on it as a lifeline it’s devastating,” she said.

It took Dulak years into her MS diagnosis to even apply for a placard; she explains, this isn’t something anyone wants to need.

Kayla Dulak (WBZ-TV)

“Getting the placard was me being like, ‘I need this, I have to live my life this way.’ It’s just as important to me as my wheelchair or my cane or medication,” she said.

Whoever took the placard will have to cover up Kayla’s face – and if they’re caught, they’ll face a 30 day license suspension and a fine of $500-1000.

“It’s a privilege to think of a handicapped placard as a convenience,” Dulak said. “To think being in the front row spot is a nice thing to have when the store is busy. I hope they never have to experience what life is like when you need that.”

Police are aware Kayla’s placard was stolen. She was able to replace it immediately but had to do so in person at the Haymarket RMV in Boston. Otherwise, replacing it by mail could take several weeks to process.

Juli McDonald


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