WOBURN (CBS) — Many people would be offended or embarrassed if someone mocked their weight, especially in front of a crowd. But when President Donald Trump did just that to supporter Frank Dawson during a recent rally in Manchester, N.H., Dawson did not mind.

Since the rally, Dawson said the president called and left him a voicemail to apologize.

Dawson, who was wearing a Trump 2020 t-shirt, was attempting to stop protesters in the nose-bleed seats of Thursday’s rally.

“They started a ruckus and I said, ‘it’s not going to happen beside me. Not on my watch,'” the Woburn native told WBZ-TV. “I grabbed the one sign then another sign and I took care of those and threw them away. I came back and retrieved the third sign from the other woman. Took it and tossed it over the balcony railing and got the crowd all fired up.”

After the scuffle, Trump said to the crowd, “That guy’s got a serious weight problem. Go home and start exercising.”

Frank Dawson (WBZ-TV)

A day later, Dawson said he was surprised he had received a voicemail from the president thanking him not once, but three times.

“Who’s this calling? All of a sudden, I hear Donald Trump’s voice,” said the retired U.S. Marshal. “I was in awe. Our president of the United States of America, the leader of the free world is calling little old me – one of millions of supporters – to thank me for what I did at the arena that night.”

Dawson, now a certified spin instructor, said he is not offended by the weight comments at all and chalked it up as an honest mistake.

“I think the guy’s doing a great job. That’s why I went to the rally,” said Dawson.


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