MANCHESTER, N.H. (CBS) – Despite excited fans and angry protestors, police said only three people were arrested in connection with President Donald Trump’s 2020 presidential campaign rally in Manchester, New Hampshire.

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The rally was held at Southern New Hampshire University Thursday evening, but people began lining up for the event as early as Wednesday morning.

The first arrest of the event didn’t happen until Thursday afternoon. At the staff’s request, police asked a disruptive group to leave the area. The group moved across the street, but one man – 69-year-old Peter Collins – allegedly remained behind. Police said Collins refused to leave the area and was charged with disorderly conduct.

From left: Peter Collins and Spencer Jubert. (Photo credit: Manchester, N.H., Police Department)

Later that evening, Spencer Jubert, 41, was arrested and charged with leaping over police tape on Elm Street and entering the police command post. Police said Jubert then ran away when police called to him.

The other individual arrested was a teen who police say rode his bike across the street against a red light and refused to stop when told to by police.


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