WORCESTER (CBS) – At least four people had to be rescued from a burning triple-decker in Worcester Thursday night.

Video shows the fire erupting from the rear of the building on Harrison Street.

“We couldn’t even make it to the front door,” said Diogenito Jorge, who was rescued. “We ran to one of the bedrooms opened up a third floor window, yelled for help and they came down with a ladder.”

Four firefighters were taken to the hospital for exhaustion and dehydration. Others were treated at the scene.

Worcester Firefighters respond to multi-family home on Harrison Street (WBZ-TV)

Worcester Fire Deputy Chief Martin Dyer says those rescues by his crews were incredible.

“I couldn’t be prouder of these firefighters to handle this and the decisions that were made within seconds to make sure that those residents were rescued and out safe. It’s really an amazing job,” said Deputy Chief Dyer.

Firefighters believe everybody got out safely.

At least 16 people have been displaced.