By Jon Keller

BOSTON (CBS) – A pair of major media outlets found themselves at the center of controversies this week.

The New York Times came under scrutiny after it published an article about President Trump’s remarks in the aftermath of a pair of mass shootings under the headline “Trump Urges Unity vs. Racism” on its front page. But after criticism online for how the Times framed Trump’s remarks, the newspaper changed its headline to “Assailing Hate But Not Guns.”

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Fox News, meanwhile made headlines when host Tucker Carlson called the issue of white supremacy a “hoax” and a “conspiracy theory” Democrats are using to divide the country. Carlson announced Wednesday he was taking a vacation at the end of the week, though a Fox News spokesman said Carlson’s absence from the show was previously planned.

Dan Kennedy, a Northeastern University professor, media critic and author, discussed both high profile media events with WBZ-TV political analyst Jon Keller.

Keller @ Large: Part 2

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Kennedy said the Times’ decision to change its headline under public pressure was “completely fair.”

“It was really a terrible headline,” Kennedy said. “You have a president who was speaking out against racism, but at the same time has been engaging in racism for years now, certainly the entire time he’s been president.”

When it comes to Carlson, Kennedy said the outrage, and withdrawl of some sponsors, was justified.

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“I don’t call for people to be fired,” Kennedy said. “But it was disgusting.”

Jon Keller