By Katie Brace

WALPOLE (CBS) – A car’s dash-cam recorded video of a car slamming into a motorcycle on the highway. The impact sends the bike skidding down the highway with sparks flying. The husband and wife on it rolled down the road. Amazingly, they are at home recovering and did not break anything.

“A little frantic they were both obviously in shock,” said Corey Dale. “The wife was in worse shape. She had a lot of road rash.”

Corey Dale rushed to help by stopping on-coming cars from hitting the couple.

In fact, the video was recorded from his car. He and his dad were driving on I-95 north in Sharon Thursday night. He estimates the car involved was traveling at 80 mph and the motorcycles about 70 mph.

Dash-cam captures hit and run motorcycle crash in Sharon (Image credit Corey Dale)

“It’s surreal it’s hard to believe that happened,” said Dale.

Dale shared the video because the driver who hit the motorcycle kept on going and State Police are investigating it as a hit and run.

He said the car involved is a Ford Fusion with a Massachusetts plate. In the video, the driver stops a ways down the median and puts on the blinker, but then takes off.

Corey said he had noticed the car even before the crash. “They ended up going off into the median a couple of times. We’re watching them swerving correct into the left lane,” said Dale.

Every time Corey Dale’s car starts, the camera automatically begins recording. He installed it for his own safety. “Sometimes people do crazy things or a lot of people are sue happy, insurance fraud,” said Dale.

Little did he know he would be using it to help someone else get justice.

Katie Brace