By Dr. Mallika Marshall

BOSTON (CBS) — If you worry you may have had children too late in life, a new study in the journal Child Development should bring you some comfort. Researchers have found older parents are more likely to have well-behaved children.

While children born to older parents are at higher risk for genetic, neurological, and other health problems, but according to this study, they may have a behavioral advantage.

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Researchers looked at data on more than 32,000 Dutch children and found that when either their mother or their father was older, they were less likely to be defiant rule-breakers or physically aggressive.

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Older parents tend to be more financially stable and more highly educated, but they also may be more patient, offer more structure and provide a more supportive and nurturing environment for their kids.

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While young parents may be more impulsive themselves and pass those tendencies on to their kids.

Dr. Mallika Marshall