BOSTON (CBS) – A champion was named at the “Fortnite World Cup,” as a teenager brought home $3 million over the weekend. A Sudbury 16-year-old also made some big dollars at the tournament that features top players in the popular game.

Sixteen-year-old Kyle Giersdorf, known in the gaming world as “Bugha,” beat 100 competitors to earn a $3 million first place prize. That is the largest ever payout for a single player in an esports tournament.

Jordan Herzog, also known as ‘Crimz’ from Sudbury (WBZ-TV)

Sudbury resident Jordan Herzog, 16, and his partner placed 17th in the duos portion of the tournament. As a result, the pair took home $50,000 apiece.

Herzog, who withdrew from Lincoln-Sudbury High School and enrolled in online courses so he could play video games professionally, hopes to make a career out of his gaming skills.


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