By Bill Shields

YARMOUTH (CBS) – It hasn’t stopped for 48 hours – the sound of chainsaws in West Yarmouth. Everyone from tree crews to homeowners have been cleaning up nonstop.

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“There’s a lot down, a lot of heavy trees, and we’re just not used to it down here,” said Justin Smith of West Yarmouth.

Utility crews have flooded the area, doing a monumental job of restoring power.

Yarmouth Utility Crew

Utility crews working in Yarmouth (WBZ-TV)

Eversource had nearly 1,000 crews, including some from New York and New Jersey, working on the Cape.

On Wednesday afternoon, there were nearly 4,000 homes and businesses without power in Yarmouth, down from a high of nearly 50,000 on the Cape after twisters hit Yarmouth and Harwich on Tuesday.

While the utility originally planned to have power fully restored by 6 p.m. Friday, the work was just about complete late Thursday night.

“The assets that are put towards this, they’re unbelievable, they are going to get this taken care of lickity-split,” said Yarmouth Police Chief Frank Frederickson. “It’s been pretty impressive to watch.”

The National Guard joined the crews Thursday night. The Guard was called in because Gov. Charlie Baker said a speedy cleanup is essential.

“We have roughly 500 people who are now working here,” Baker said. “And we’re going to be back tomorrow and again on Saturday and a ton of trucks and Bobcats and front end loaders.”

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National Guard members in Yarmouth after tornado (WBZ-TV)

Governor Baker toured a Yarmouth neighborhood and got an earful from residents, but this time they had rave positive reviews.

“I was surprised actually how fast they restored power,” said Rachel Mingos. “We were saying we thought it was going to be at least a week. To have power up and running within 48 hours is pretty amazing given the devastation. The telephone pole was actually through our neighbor’s truck.”

On Wednesday, Diane Coco could barely get into her home because there were so many downed trees.

But on Thursday, with the help of landscapers, her property is cleaned up, and power is restored. She said she got power back around 8:15 AM.

“Very impressed, we got updates our email and they said Yarmouth possibly by Friday at five, and here it was,” Coco said.

No one was injured when the tornado ripped through the town. Some even say the loss of power actually brought neighbors together.

Yarmouth Tree Debris

Pile of fallen trees cleared away in Yarmouth (WBZ-TV)

“It’s been an interesting experience because you know, a lot of the neighbors, they just go out of their way to help you, it’s really been fun,” said John Digeronimo.

Homeowner Linda Digeronimo said the night without power was “rather boring.”

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“There was no internet, no TV, no ability to dust my house,” Digeronimo said. “Its been a lot of doing nothing.”