BOSTON (CBS) — Bill Belichick and the Patriots aren’t holding any lingering animosity toward the Houston Texans after their reported pursuit of Nick Caserio. Just don’t ask Belichick about the situation, unless you want to get his usual grumpy response.

The New England head coach was his ornery self Thursday morning when he talked with the media on the first day of Patriots training camp. The Patriots filed a grievance with the NFL when the Texans tried to convince Caserio to come to Houston earlier this offseason, only to drop it a few days later. Asked about the situation during his 20-minute chat with the press, Belichick made it sound like the two teams have moved on.

“I think that’s all water under the bridge,” said Belichick.

Caserio remains New England’s GM — though he doesn’t actually hold that title with the team. That has caused some confusion when it comes to teams trying to pry the director of player personal away, since landing an official GM job would be considered by the rule books to be a lateral move for Caserio. Asked if the lack of a true title for Caserio muddies the rules a bit, Belichick’s demeanor changed quickly.

“Titles aren’t the most important thing in the world around here to us – winning is,” shot back Belichick.

The Caserio questions continued, and Belichick wasn’t about to divulge the inner workings of the Patriots front office. When asked to clarify Caserio’s contract status, and if he has executive power of roster decisions, Belichick had had enough with the topic.

“I have never talked about contracts and won’t start talking about them now. So, I don’t know why you would bring it up,” the coach fired. “There is no clarification. I’m not talking about contracts, period. Players, coaches or anyone else’s. Never have and I don’t plan to.”

Good ole Bill Belichick. It doesn’t take much to sour his mood, even on a beautiful and sunny day — the first day of football in New England.


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