By Beth Germano

CHATHAM (CBS) – Restaurants and businesses on Cape Cod are feeling the effects of the tornadoes that wreaked havoc in several communities and leaving many without power. At Chatham Tides Inn the computers and the phone system are down, power is out, and there’s little way to contact customers.

“We’re basically off the grid,” said assistant manager Jay Dydyk. “We don’t have the ability to find out who’s coming, who’s going. We have to reach out to people through third parties.”

If dealing with sharks off the coast isn’t enough, this is a summertime blow at the height of the busy tourism season.

Wendy Mauchly, who watched the storm blow in from her room at the inn, is hoping to stick it out without power. “It’s given us an adventure to talk about. We have cold showers but that’s OK.”

Generators are needed to power the refrigerators at Bluefins restaurant in Chatham, but it’s not enough to help manager Michael Hamilton get his popular restaurant open.

Bluefins restaurant in Chatham lost power after tornadoes hit the area. (Image credit Beth Germano/WBZ)

He’s not alone with plenty of closed signs in the town. “It’s brutal when you take two days out of the busy season it impacts us. Everything matters, every day matters,” said Hamilton.

Much like the tornadoes themselves the economic damage to businesses is spotty. The Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce says it’s too soon to gauge the impact, but they’re trying to get out the message that the Cape is open. “It’s harmful,” said Chatham clothing store owner April Cabral. “Anybody who wants to help can shop, shop, shop and support everybody.”

She’s got lights handy to help shoppers in the dark, but she’s noticed even foot traffic on Main Street was lighter Wednesday. Jay Dydyk says it’s not the way they wanted the summer to go. Eversouce now estimates power will be restored to Chatham by 4:00 p.m. Friday.

Beth Germano


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