MASHPEE (CBS) – “I don’t usually take those tornado warnings seriously,” said Tracy Westover. She does now.

She and her 13-year-old son hid under a tool bench in the basement of the house they’re renting for vacation in Popponesset. “They say a tornado sounds like a freight train, and it’s true,” she said. “The wind was wild.”

Outside, a huge tree landed on her SUV. Her son Jake said he’s never heard anything like it. “It was like, the house was going to take off,” he said. “Are we going to end up in the Wizard of Oz or something?”

Throughout Mashpee, roads were flooded dangerously close to downed power lines. Streets were decorated with massive exposed roots. There were trees on cars and on rooftops.

A tree fell onto a home in Mashpee during a tornado warning (WBZ-TV)

“It was wild. Never seen anything like it,” said John Haswell. “Big massive spin, and everything started going down the road.”

He and his wife Lois knew they should run for cover, but they couldn’t take their eyes off the tree that crashed onto their neighbor’s roof. “The rain was so loud, pulsing down on the house and the street,” said Lois.

There were so many trees down, crews couldn’t possibly get to them all right away. Even in what looked like extreme circumstances, people were told they’d have to wait for the clean-up later this week.

Christina Hager


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