By Tashanea Whitlow

LYNN (CBS) – With temperatures well into the 90s Sunday, in Lynn, residents were looking to beat the heat – well most of them.

“I want it to stay. I love the heat. I’m a summer baby,” said Angela Lucas, of Lynn.

But others are ready for the heatwave to end.

Residents of St. Mary’s Plaza in Lynn found relief outside after their air conditioning stopped working last night.

“Just hot. Can’t sleep,” said one resident.

And older people are most at risk when it’s hot.

“I have asthma, and my husband, too. He has a pacemaker,” said one woman who was trying to stay cool.

Officials are reminding everyone to stay hydrated. Since Friday, Boston EMS has transported 21 people for heat-related illnesses and responded to more than 900 calls.

Tashanea Whitlow


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