BOSTON (CBS) – The man accused of attacking a Boston Public Library employee outside the building now claims he’s the victim.

Police say 49-year-old William Zaniboni became belligerent in the library’s computer section Wednesday night.

When an employee asked him to leave, Zaniboni allegedly told him he’d be waiting outside.

William Zaniboni in court (WBZ-TV)

Police say Zaniboni made good on that threat, and when the victim left, Zaniboni punched him.

WBZ spoke with the suspect outside court – and he says police have it all wrong. “I was outside – I didn’t say anything about waiting outside for him I was outside,” Zaniboni said. “The guy came out and he tackled me to the ground. And as he’s wrestling me to the ground he had my head on the ground.”

The victim also told police Zaniboni sprayed him with Mace, but police could not find any can of Mace when they arrested him.


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