WEBSTER (CBS) – Webster Police have made an arrest in the kidnapping and sexual assault of a 12-year-old girl in late May.

Federal authorities, Webster and Connecticut police announced the arrest of 35-year-old Joshua Besaw, of Thompson, Conn.

“Probably one of the finest moments I’ve had was being able to watch the Detective Joseph Reed tell the family this morning that Mr. Besaw was in custody,” said Webster Police Chief Michael Shaw. “And the relief that washed over their faces was probably something I’ll never forget.”

The girl rode her bicycle to May Street Park in Webster on May 31, and police say that’s where Besaw enticed her to get into his car, saying he needed help with a friend.

Besaw allegedly drove the girl over the state line into Connecticut and sexually assaulted her. She was then dropped off about an hour later near Chase Avenue in Dudley, where she ran to a home and called her mother, who reported the attack to police.

Prosecutors say Besaw identified himself as “Chuck” when he enticed the girl.

Joshua Besaw (Photo credit: Webster Police)

On July 10, detectives who were conducting surveillance of Besaw collected cigarette butts he discarded. Prosecutors say DNA from those cigarette butts, along with video surveillance footage from stores and neighbors was key to identifying Besaw.

“They were able to survey Besaw and retrieve used cigarettes that were able to be tested for DNA. That DNA matched DNA that was taken from the victim on May 31,” Shaw said.

Besaw was arraigned at U.S. District Court in Hartford and is being held on charges of kidnapping and transporting a minor for illegal sexual activity.

“Crimes against children are the worst kind that we investigate. We take those to heart. And It’s hard not to make it personal,” Shaw said.


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