BOSTON (CBS) — Individual player ratings for Madden 20 were released on Monday, and that’s a big deal for some people. For others, they just like to make a big deal about how bad the minds at EA got the ratings wrong, because they like to make a big deal about anything.

One particular person (cough — troll) on Twitter couldn’t believe that a video game had the audacity to give Patriots quarterback Tom Brady an overall rating of 96, which is second to just Kansas City’s Patrick Mahomes among quarterbacks. Twitter user Matt Harrington (who goes by @HipposRayzer) questioned the ranking not based on what Brady can accomplish with his arm, but what the soon-to-be-42-year-old does with his legs — which is not much.

Brady certainly isn’t the most mobile quarterback to grace the field in the NFL, and, yes, some glaciers do move faster than he does. But he’s become great at the art of moving around the pocket, buying some much-needed extra seconds to operate before the opposing rush gets to him. It’s worked out well for the six-time Super Bowl champ.

When Mr. Harrington started to get some blowback, and not just from anonymous Twitter eggs, he dug in on Brady’s speed. The drummer/piano player/poker player from Florida stated unequivocally that he — and many, many others who are not paid athletes — could run faster than TB12.

That’s when Brady stepped in and set the record straight.

Hopefully Harrington has some ice for that burn.

Brady’s speed rating is actually 60 in the game, which isn’t very good. At all. So Brady put together a video that shows off his blazing speed in hopes of EA making a change.

Now that’s some great video editing right there.

Brady has become one of the kings of Twitter since sending out his first tweet just a few months ago — an April Fool’s Day joke that he was retiring. He’s used the platform to have plenty of fun, leaving his fans wondering what he’d do next to top his last tweet.

On Monday, he put a troll in their place. Keep up the good work, Tom.