PLYMOUTH (CBS) – The warm weather has many people taking to the water, but boaters are being warned to steer clear of multiple whales spotted off shore.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Greater Atlantic Region division tweeted Monday that there have been “many reports of humpbacks and minkes feeding close to shore.”

“If you see lots of bubbles, back up!” the organization stated. “Remember to keep a safe distance and follow approach guidelines.”

The Plymouth Harbormaster added that whale sightings were reported off Gurnet and Warren’s Cove.

A breaching whale (Photo credit: AJ Pellegrino)

“Please be cautious when operating in the area, stay at least 100’ away and do not chase,” the harbormaster said.

Just last week, a boater had a very close encounter with a whale off Gloucester. The whale breached near the boat, sending fish flying into the air, in a stunning moment that was captured on video.