BOSTON (CBS) — Enes Kanter is a big dude, and most big dudes need to take in a ton of calories to maintain being such a big dude. How Kanter gets those calories is raising some eyebrows though.

The new Celtics center has been winning fans over with some of his antics on social media, whether he’s making fun of Nick Wright’s hair or showing off his wrestling skills. But he took a turn as a foodie on Tuesday night, tweeting out an incredibly stomach-churning meal that he enjoyed on his cheat day.

It’s one thing to eat a hamburger, a hot dog and a pizza in one serving. It happens. To combine all three, and then douse them in ketchup and mayo… that’s a bold strategy.

Kanter is a pretty fit guy, so he can handle such a meal and still be in great shape. Handling the taste, well that’s something different. But Kanter can apparently handle that too.