BOSTON (CBS) — Tom Brady enjoys eating healthy and exercising. Perhaps you’ve heard?

While that alone wouldn’t qualify as news, a new video of one particular bit of exercise from Brady is worth paying some attention to on this summer day.

The video came from Religion of Sports, which is Brady’s entertainment/media company. In it, trainer Alex Guerrero is holding a stopwatch as Brady prepares to run a 40-yard dash.

While the exact date of the video is not stated, the footage appears to match up with Episode 3 of the docuseries “Tom Vs. Time,” which was shot in the summer of 2017, just prior to Brady’s 40th birthday. While nobody would confuse Brady for former teammate Brandin Cooks, Brady clocked in with a 5.17-second time.

That’s significant because back in 2000, at the tender age of 22, Brady ran the 40-yard dash on turf at 5.28 seconds at the NFL Combine. Video of that sprint has become something of a legend in New England and beyond, ever since Brady’s ascent to NFL greatness.

While it’s not known if Brady is still maintaining that lightning speed as he approaches age 42, it’s nevertheless remarkable that Brady’s able to run faster at 40 than he was back when he was coming out of college.


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