BOSTON (CBS) – The 18 protesters arrested after a demonstration outside the ICE detention center in Dorchester Tuesday evening won’t be prosecuted, a spokeswoman for Suffolk County District Attorney Rachael Rollins said.

The protest against the Trump administration’s immigration policies and migrant camps at the border lasted for hours. A crowd of hundreds walked from the Holocaust Memorial to the detention center located at the Suffolk County House of Corrections, where the arrests happened.

Hundreds walked from the Holocaust Memorial to the ICE detention center in Dorchester to protest migrant detention center conditions (WBZ-TV)

“All 18 individuals appeared this morning in Roxbury Municipal Court, where Suffolk prosecutors filed a nolle prosequie prior to arraignment in each of their cases,” spokeswoman Renee Algarin said in a statement Wednesday. “This filing formally ends prosecution in each case.”

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The arrested protesters had all been charged with trespassing. None had prior criminal convictions. The district attorney’s office said that the decision not to prosecute is in accordance with Rollins’ and her predecessors’ handling of similar offenses.

“The protesters’ peaceful challenge of the inhumane detention policies of the Trump administration is protected by the First Amendment,” Rollins said.

Boston Police guided the protesters the entire way. While there were no major issues, there was some additional traffic as the crowds passed through.

“Say it loud, say it clear: immigrants are welcome here,” they chanted at one point.

Rollins has been critical of ICE and won a legal victory in a lawsuit she filed last month when a judge temporarily blocked immigration agents from making civil arrests at Massachusetts courthouses.

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  1. Peter McNamara says:

    Would pro-Trump or pro-ICE demonstrators be granted the same free pass from prosecution? If not, DA Rollins would be letting her own political agenda influence her decision-making as a DA and that should raise some serious red flags.

    1. Jeffrey Jacobson says:

      The protest is against the inhumane conditions at the border, which are in fact illegal. No excuse for that, regardless of your politics. If you love Trump, tell him to make it stop. He could do that with a couple of phone calls.

    2. nyctim says:

      Hi, fear-mongering stooge. Your entire post is a hypothetical, designed to elicit faux panic. How about being better? How about being humane? How about being less of an Ahole? Just a few suggestions. I doubt you’ll listen to any of them. Humanity is a foreign concept to Trumpanzees.

  2. she’s a bad ass! not afraid of fascists!

    1. She must be scared of fascists,she wont prosecute them. Just opens the door for more chaos.

  3. Jack Godleski says:

    Thank you DA Rollins. This was the right choice.

  4. Russell Jennison says:

    She should be removed from office for obstruction of justice. If the wall was already built this wouldn’t be an issue. They chose to violate our laws, no sympathy here.

    1. nyctim says:

      You are so wrong, so uninformed and so devoid of compassion and humanity. Welcome to the Republican Party.
      Hundreds of AMERICANS exercised their First Amendment rights. Why do you have a problem with that, comrade?

  5. John E Walker says:

    Leftist crime is approved of… even encouraged… in the People’s Republic.

    1. Jeffrey Jacobson says:

      So John, are you okay with this? Kids and families crammed into cages, often without running water (except a toilet) and no medical care? Do you think it’s fake news?

  6. Susan Price-Jang says:

    Rollins is a s/hero!! Good for her.

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