BOSTON (CBS) — Watching the United States women national soccer team win the semi-finals against England Tuesday was thrilling. But for some, was more than just a game, was an inspiration.

“To see that women can achieve at the highest level whether it be on an international stage in soccer or downtown here in the city of Boston,” said Mike Bajakian.

He brought his young daughters to watch the match on the big screen at Boston City Hall.

“I want them to see the benefit of participating in sports and where it can bring you.,” he added.

The team’s storied history and fearless reputation boosted interest in women’s professional soccer. The quarter and semi-final rounds of the Women’s World Cup have seen a big spike in TV viewership.

Some experts predicted record viewership for women’s soccer during Sunday’s World Cup Final.

“I’m glad that people came out here today to support, especially a woman’s team,” said Margaret Rabbitt. She was at City Hall with teammates from a competitive youth soccer club out of Mendon.

Alyssa Bourgeous said, “The hype around men’s soccer and everything, it’s huge, especially in Europe. So to have such a big hype around women’s soccer here in America is pretty great.”

Adam Martel’s two small girls were also in attendance. “There was one moment where they said, ‘dad, there’s girls on TV,” Martel said.

“I just hope they’re empowered to do whatever they want to do in life. I want them to have the same opportunities that everyone else has.”


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