PLAINVILLE (CBS) — Tucking money away into a savings account may be safe, but these days they aren’t paying much. Carolyn Dahlberg’s bank suggested an annuity. “They saw that I had some money in my savings account and suggested I invest it and get a halfway decent return,” she said.

So in May of 2016, the Plainville woman invested $15,000 with Delaware Life. After three years, she would earn about $700 in interest.

When the annuity was about to mature, she notified the company that she was ready to cash out. Delaware sent out the paperwork and Dahlberg promptly sent it back.

But when the check came, all she got was her original $15,000 investment. “All of that interest that I earned for three years that I’m still responsible for paying taxes on, they kept,” she said.

Carolyn Dahlberg called the I-Team after she did not receive the proper interest payment from Delaware Life (WBZ-TV)

When Dahlberg contacted the company, she says she was told the paperwork came in a few days before the maturity date and there was nothing they could do. “I just was not feeling good about this. So I reached out to the I-Team,” she said.

We contacted Delaware Life late on a Friday afternoon. First thing Monday morning, Dahlberg’s phone rang. “I get a call at 10 a.m. saying, ‘I’ve got good news for you.’ And his words were exactly this: ‘I normally don’t get to deliver good news,'” she said describing her conversation with the representative from Delaware Life.

A week later, Dahlberg received a check for $731.

In a written statement Delaware Life said: We have reviewed the concerns expressed and regret the inconvenience the client has experienced.

Dahlberg plans to use the money to pay down some debt. “I can’t thank you guys enough for helping me out because if it wasn’t for you, I know this would not have happened,” she said.


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