AUBURN (CBS) — Two attempted acts of arson targeted homes in Auburn last week. Police said in both instances, the Molotov cocktails hit the siding, instead of crashing through a window.

“It would have probably burnt the house down,” said Steve Collins. Someone threw a Snapple bottle filled with gasoline at his three-family home on North Oxford Street while his family slept Friday morning. The bottle even stayed intact.

“Lot of people don’t have smoke detectors these days as crazy as it sounds. People could have perished in a fire,” said Fire Chief Andrew Sluckis.

A Molotov cocktail remained intact after it was thrown at a house in Auburn (Courtesy Photo)

Only a few minutes later and about a mile away on Burnett Street, it happened again. This time, the bottle disintegrated.

“We’ve collected some physical evidence that we’re going to be submitting to the crime lab for analysis,” Sluckis said.

Police plan to look through surrounding surveillance video and already interviewed someone. If they are able to arrest a suspect, an arson charge would be the bare minimum.

Steve Collins’ house has a burn mark where a Molotov cocktail hit the side Friday (WBZ-TV)

“Sounds like you want to hurt somebody,” said Collins. “Hopefully [police] get to the bottom of it.”


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