MERRIMACK, N.H. (CBS) – A New Hampshire man was charged with animal cruelty after police say he left his dog unattended in 106-degree car for nearly an hour.

Police arrested 67-year-old Wesley Golomb on Wednesday at the Merrimack Premium Outlets just before noon.

When officers arrived, they found a medium build lab mix panting in the back of a car. The windows were cracked open, but an interior thermometer had reached 106 degrees and no water could be found in the vehicle, which was parked in direct sunlight.

Wesley Golomb. (Image Credit: Merrimack Police)

Golomb returned to the car and said he had only been gone for a short time. Police said 40 minutes had passed from the time they were initially called to the area, and Golomb had not returned to the vehicle in that timeframe.

“The Merrimack Police Department would again encourage any and all pet owners to reconsider bringing their pets out and about for shopping excursions or errands on warm and sunny days,” police said. “The interior of a vehicle can heat quite rapidly in a short amount of time which can lead to serious injury or death.  When in doubt, leave your pets home. It’s the safe and smart choice to make.”

Golomb is scheduled to appear in Merrimack Circuit Court on July 23 to face the misdemeanor charge.

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  1. Joyce Verani says:

    This man should be fined heavily for the torture he put his dog through. Exposure to excessive heat like that can cause severe brain damage, which can’t be seen initially. Slapping him on the wrist would do little to assure he wouldn’t commit such a cruel act again to a defenseless animal!

    Also, he should not be able to own/possess any animals again for at lest 5 years, or maybe never!

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