LOWELL (CBS) – A Lowell police officer was arraigned Thursday on two charges of rape after he allegedly assaulted a 16-year-old homeless girl while on duty.

A Middlesex County grand jury indicted 49-year-old Kevin Garneau of Pelham, N.H.

Prosecutors say that in 2016, Garneau was working as part of a community outreach program to help homeless residents.

Lowell Police officer Kevin Garneau. (WBZ-TV)

Garneau allegedly entered the girl’s tent and told her there were warrants out for her arrest but in exchange for sexual services he would not arrest her. Prosecutors say Garneau sexually assaulted the girl several more times in the ensuing months.

Lowell Police began an investigation in January 2019 and they say as a result of that internal investigation, the Middlesex District Attorney’s Office was notified in May.

Garneau is on unpaid administrative leave pending the outcome of his case.

“I’m astonished and deeply disappointed. I acted as soon as we were made aware of these allegations. This is not what the men and women of the Lowell PD represent. They police legally, respectfully and compassionately,” Superintendent of Police Raymond Richardson said in a statement.

A clerk magistrate released Garneau on personal recognizance and ordered him be placed on a GPS monitoring system and stay away from the girl. Garneau is next scheduled to appear in court on July 23.

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  1. What a piece of slime. This is why people no longer trust or respect cops—instead, many of us are afraid to call when something happens. Maybe a law that doubles the penalties for any crime committed by an officer might make these abuser think twice about breaking the law or even dissuade them from becoming cops altogether. We don’t need cops like this one!

  2. this is not the exception, criminal cop very common and the law sheilds them all the time!

  3. Bruce Vandyk says:

    filthy frenchman

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