By Katie Brace

FITCHBURG (CBS) – Parents Wil and Jamie Darcangelo know people often underestimate their daughter, Lavender.

“Guess it shocks people or people get surprised,” said Lavender Darcangelo.

Lavender, who is 24 years old, is blind and has autism, and that is not what makes people say, ‘wow.’

“What’s you want? Baby, I got it. What’s you need? You know. I got it,” sung Lavender.

Jamie, Wil and Lavender Darcangelo (WBZ-TV)

Lavender’s dads know she is an amazing singer. But, a recent performance a Fitchburg church went viral and now thousands and thousands of people know she has a voice.

The family has received calls from around the world.

“It was astonishing, but not surprising. We knew it would happen eventually,” said Wil Darcangelo.

“I was pretty dazed and numb out of happiness,” said Lavender.

The video was taken Sunday at a LGBT pride lunch where Lavender sang ‘A Part of Your World’ from Disney’s ‘The Little Mermaid.’

Lavender Darcangelo (WBZ-TV)

“I want to be of service of people who feel inferior or who don’t belong, and I feel like music is the way to do that,” said Lavender.

Lavender says growing up with her biological family was tough. She met Wil through music and at age 19 asked to be part of his family. The couple officially adopted her.

“We thought we should encourage her to do the absolute best,” said Jamie.

When WBZ-TV met her, she had just come from recording in a studio.

“I want people to say like, ‘Oh my God, I can relate to her,’” said Lavender.

No matter how many people Lavender reaches with her singing, she wants people to remember this, “all I am asking is for a little respect,” she sang.

Katie Brace