BOSTON (CBS) – Some employees at Boston-based Wayfair are planning a walkout Wednesday over the company’s decision to sell furniture to a detention camp for migrant children.

The Twitter account @wayfairwalkout says more than 500 workers have co-signed a letter to cease doing business with that government contractor. Employees say it’s not an ethical partnership.

Wayfair has not responded to WBZ’s request for comment. The company told The Boston Globe it has responded to the employees’ concerns in this matter.

There are roughly 6500 Wayfair workers at the online furniture giant’s Copley headquarters and no fewer than 50 declined to discuss anything planned for Wednesday as they left work Tuesday night.

Senator Elizabeth Warren and Rep. Ayanna Pressley tweeted their support for workers.

An arm of the President Donald Trump re-election campaign accused activist employees of “bullying Wayfair to cancel the sale, depriving kids of good beds to sleep in. Heartless!” – insisted the tweet.

According to social media banter, the walkout is set for 1:30 Wednesday afternoon. It probably won’t be known how many workers have bought into it — until then.

Wayfair has more than 13,300 employees with operations throughout North America and Europe.

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  1. StateChamps Reunion says:

    How do you think all of these people protesting have jobs? It is from successful companies that employee them. To be successful and able to employee workers a company must have sales. Also, the immigrants seeking asylum are here, like it or not. Do you not think they deserve a comfortable place to sleep?

  2. Gary Tenpas says:

    So how do we who shop at Wayfair demonstrate our distaste for these so called workers? If we stop buying from Wayfair we will affect the employees but we will also be hurting the company. I guess I will do more shopping at Hayneedle.

  3. David Shisler says:

    Bed for the bedless children and some how this becomes political, irrational thinking, bad for the company and bad for the kids.

  4. Samantha Carlson says:

    So you want the children to sleep on the floors? They are here and need beds. You’re either a part of the solution or you’re part of the problem. Your behavior indicates the latter. Bye, bye Wayfair.

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