By Anaridis Rodriguez

GROVELAND (CBS) – For the first time in more than a quarter century, Groveland Police are investigating a murder.

“[It] just don’t happen in our town,” said Ed Reed Monday.

Shaking his head in disbelief, Reed says the murder of his friend Patsy Schena has shaken the quiet Essex County town.

“I can’t picture anybody wanting to hurt him. I assume it wasn’t somebody walking down the street looking for a place to break into,” Reed said.

The 82-year-old was known by many. He was a longtime Groveland building inspector and antique seller, described as a friendly and fair gentleman.

Patsy Schena (Courtesy photo)

Investigators say late Friday night, Schena was found by a family member inside his home, unresponsive and suffering from multiple wounds. He was pronounced dead at the scene. Two days into the investigation, authorities are releasing few details.

Only calling the death that marked the town’s first in 27 years, horrific.

Patsy Schena was found dead inside this home late Friday. (WBZ-TV)

“I think the residents especially those who live nearby want to know that they’re safe. Especially if they haven’t caught a suspect yet or don’t know who did it,” said Kristie Barrow, who works in Groveland.

Jennifer Stern has lived in the sleepy town since 1993, just a few doors down from Schena.

“He came over a couple of times and inspected the house and he seemed like a nice man,” said Stern.

She says people in the neighborhood tend to keep to themselves and are not talking about what happened.

“Everyone is all flabbergasted, I think they’re just in a freeze. They don’t know what to think so they’re not talking about it, we’re all waiting for more news to come out,” said Stern.

A spokeswoman for the Essex District Attorney’s Office says investigators will update the public when there’s an arrest or significant development in the case.

Anaridis Rodriguez