By Lisa Gresci

EVERETT (CBS) — Everett Police remained in front of Encore Boston Harbor Monday to make sure everything ran as smoothly on day two as it did on opening day. Several officers were there to direct traffic and help people cross the street.

Though traffic has been light, Police Chief Steven Mazzie said Route 99 and the Sullivan Square rotary are still a concern.

“We have to contend with the volume of traffic coming off the rotary as well as the issues with the bridge up. So it’s a pushing and pulling traffic and that’s what they are doing today, they’ll be doing everyday,” he said.

On Sunday, the crowds were constant but the traffic didn’t pick up until a wave of guests arrived after 6 p.m.

Long lines formed outside Encore Boston Harbor for Sunday’s opening day (WBZ-TV)

Part of that success, though, was that there was no evening commute traffic.

“We are not going to go when they are getting out of work,” Jean Peluso said. She took one of the shuttle buses from Wellington Station, which have been filled to capacity.

“It was pretty good, it took us right there. It was efficient,” said Peluso.

Josephine Dinunzio explained, “I think it’s wonderful. People were complaining about traffic, you’ve got shuttle buses, they fix everything.”

Others took advantage of their ridesharing apps.

“We got an Uber and nope, no problems they did really good and it’s a quick on and off so it’s great. We are happy to be here,” Glen Hartford said.

Looking ahead, the officials know the time of day and day of the week will play into traffic concerns.

Everett Police believe Thursday will be telling, from there, they will start to decide how many officers are needed.

Encore Boston Harbor President Bob DeSalvio is already gearing up for this weekend.

“I think it’s going to be really busy that will be our first weekend and so for us it’s all about learning,” he said.

Police made four arrests Sunday.

Jankelli Volquez, 27, and Hector Hernandez, 66, both of the Bronx, N.Y., were charged with cheating and conspiracy after attempting to cheat at a roulette table, Mass. State Police said. A person was arrested for disorderly conduct and a second person was arrested for trespassing. One person was issued a summons for possession of heroin.

Lisa Gresci


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