By Juli McDonald

WEYMOUTH (CBS) – Weymouth neighbors want a different home for a huge, new billboard on the side of Route 3.

“Driving down Century Road, just all the sudden I saw this big thing in the sky, and it was a digital billboard that was shining while I was driving… It was changing every 10 seconds,” neighbor Ruth Pacino said.

The unwelcome addition came suddenly in the spring. Without leaves on the trees then, residents say the eyesore was glaring.

“By the state law, only people within 500 feet of the billboard have to be notified. Only four people in this neighborhood were notified,” said neighbor Amy Kabilian.

Residents around Route 3 say this billboard needs a new home. (WBZ-TV)

But more than 50 neighbors had a clear view and a strong opposition.

“Everyone’s property value around here is definitely going to be affected by this,” Pacino said.

They sent a letter to the city and Cove Outdoor Advertising, asking to see their agreement and whether the billboard violates any local or state regulations.

Read the letter from residents of Kipling and Century roads

“If this was all done the right way, why can’t you respond to our letter?” Kabilian said.

The billboard company has been shutting it off at 7 p.m. for the time being, but that’ll change when businesses buy ads.

“We’re a small family neighborhood. We don’t want to look at this. If you look around the rest of the neighborhood, it’s woods and trees. We bought here for that reason. We like it,” said Kabilian.

One proposal neighbors heard was for light technology that would make the board seem darker to them. But it doesn’t exist anywhere in the state for them to check out first. Neighbors said the city also offered to buy room darkening shades.

Juli McDonald


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