BOSTON (CBS) — Some of the cleanest supermarkets in the country can be found in New England, according to a new report.

Consumer Reports recently published “The Cleanest Grocery Stores in America.” Trader Joe’s, Wegmans, Market Basket and and Roche Bros. all “excelled for cleanliness,” the magazine stated.

It’s no surprise that Trader Joe’s, Consumer Reports’ highest-rated national chain, also got top marks for being clean.

“Cleanliness has a large impact on your overall opinion of your grocery store, our results show,” said Consumer Reports research associate Jane Manweiler.

Walmart ranks among the lowest in terms of cleanliness, Consumer Reports said.

What makes for a clean supermarket? The magazine said shoppers value spotless entrances, hand sanitizer dispensers, gleaming floors, clean restrooms and a quick response to spills.

Check out the full report here.


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