BOSTON (CBS) — Chances are Kyrie Irving and Celtics draft pick Grant Williams won’t be teammates in Boston. That’s probably for the best.

Irving is likely heading elsewhere, so Williams won’t have a chance to educate the point guard on the shape of the Earth. Irving famously started a big kerfuffle in 2017 when he questioned whether the Earth was flat on a podcast. It spiraled out of control a few weeks later when Irving partook in All-Star festivities in New Orleans.

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Irving has kind of backed off his claim to a degree, but it still sounds like he believes the Earth may be flat. Williams would be a great candidate to set him straight, considering his mother, Teresa Johnson, is an engineer at NASA.

Joining Shams Charania before the draft, Williams talked about his mother’s job and how it has expanded his mind on everything. He couldn’t go into many details about certain space subjects, but the shape of the Earth is one he could. And he had some things to say about Mr. Irving and his conspiracy theory.

“Kyrie’s Earth-is-flat theory is just scientifically not true,” Williams said in his interview with Stadium. “That’s the one thing I can debunk if we’re being perfectly honest. That’s not true at all.”

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Irving would still probably argue with Williams, but we’ll probably never know, since he’s expected to sign elsewhere this offseason.