By Lisa Gresci

LAWRENCE (CBS) – Dozens of evidence markers were set down in a warehouse parking lot in Lawrence Wednesday. Many of the people WBZ spoke to, weren’t surprised to find out why police were there.

“It’s bad, really bad,” one woman said.

“This is like the perfect area to commit crime,” Fausto Morillo said.

Lawrence police responded to Manchester Street for an unattended death just before 6 a.m. In the back parking lot of the warehouse they found a man’s body with a gun next to it.

“My gym is actually right across the parking lot it’s sad it’s surprising to an extent but nowadays with so many things happening in Lawrence it’s a reality,” Stephanie Depena explained.

Evidence markers were scattered all over the parking lot.

Lawrence police found a gun next to the body of a man at a Manchester Street warehouse (WBZ-TV)

On the sidewalk across from the warehouse, investigators marked footprints, appearing to be in blood. The district attorney’s office believes the man was 48 years old and consider his death suspicious.

People in and out of the grocery store next to the now crime scene, can see why.

“If you go over there it’s when someone forces you to go over there,” Morillo added.

Police investigate fatal shooting in Lawrence (WBZ-TV)

Kids playing beyond the crime scene tape was most difficult for parents to see and explain.

“There’s a park and you have to think about your kids… it’s not right,” Carmen Moarles said.

Like police, this community wants answers, hoping the surveillance system in the area will help.

“They should say something if they know anything. Hopefully the cameras will tell,” she said.

Right now the district attorney’s office says this remains a homicide investigation and there are no suspects.

Lisa Gresci

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