By Bill Shields

HINGHAM (CBS) – Boy Scouts from Troop 4 in Hingham put their training to the test when a canoe trip took a dangerous turn in Maine.

Last weekend, Troop 4 was on the Androscoggin River, doing canoe rescue training in rapids. They had just finished, when the boys saw something in the river.

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“I saw these people struggling to get, just struggling coming down from the river rapids,” said 12-year-old Adam Praschma, “and they were yelling for help.”

“I saw the top of someone’s head, what seemed to be wearing a bucket hat,” said Henry duBose.

Hingham Boy Scouts Adam Praschma and Henry duBose (WBZ-TV)

The boys didn’t hesitate, knowing that the water was dangerous to be in. So the 12 and 13-year-olds hopped in canoes, and headed for the eight people in the water.

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“So we said let’s go save them, we just learned this,” said Henry.

At first the boys thought it was all being staged by their scoutmasters and that they were being tested.

Hingham Boy Scouts train for canoe rescue on Androscoggin River (WBZ-TV)

“They looked pretty real and they were shivering so we knew this wasn’t fake,” Adam said.

They brought several of the people to safety.

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Henry said, “I was not too nervous because I knew what I had to do.”