CAMBRIDGE (CBS) — A 16-year-old who was being forced to withdraw money from a bank during a robbery was able to alert the teller of his situation by writing on an envelope, Cambridge Police said.

Daimon Goodwin, 22, of Boston, was arrested at the Eastern Bank on Thursday afternoon and charged with kidnapping and unarmed robbery.

According to police, Goodwin found the 16-year-old boy at Alewife Train Station and demanded his headphones, other possessions, and $60. Fearfully, the teen walked with Goodwin to several businesses in search of an ATM.

Goodwin told the teen something along the lines of: “you better get the money or something bad is going to happen to you,” according to the police report.

“The victim was so afraid he was not able to yell for help because he thought Mr. Goodwin had a weapon and he would kill him.”

Daimon Goodwin (WBZ-TV)

Police said the teen and Goodwin first went into a bar and asked for an ATM. The victim tried to convey the situation without saying anything but no employees caught on. It was a similar story when the pair went to a church and a grocery store.

At the bank, located in the Fresh Pond Shopping Mall Plaza, the teen wrote “please call 911 for me this boy is kidnapping me” on an envelope, the police report said. He handed it to the bank teller and police were notified.

“Fortunately at that bank the victim was able to share a note with a teller saying ‘I need help I’m being robbed,’” said Cambridge Police spokesman Jeremy Warnick. “The teller notified a supervisor who in turn notified the police department, and we were able to get on scene, speak with the victim and make an onsite arrest.”

The victim was not physically injured.

Goodwin told police he was panhandling and the teen offered to give him money. He was arraigned and will be held without bail after undergoing a mental health evaluation at Bridgewater State University. A status hearing was scheduled for July 3.