CONCORD, NH (CBS) – An overwhelming animal cruelty case is under investigation in New Hampshire. Over 100 dogs have been taken from a home police call “squalid.”

All those dogs will need homes very soon. Half of the 105 dogs found by police at a Bradford, NH home this week are now being cared for at the Humane Society for Greater Nashua.

“They were all Labs and mixes. They were found to be in a squalid situation,” says Douglas Barry, the president of the Humane Society.

It’s the largest group of animals ever brought to the Humane Society as part of an alleged animal cruelty case, and the population there is growing.

“We came here with 49. We now have 58. We have three pregnant moms. We’ve had two that gave birth. We’re waiting for another one,” Barry says.

The other half of the dogs are at the Concord SPCA. A complaint of animal neglect brought police to the home.

Fifty-three puppies and 52 dogs were rescued from squalid living conditions at a New Hampshire kennel (Photo Courtesy: Humane Society for Greater Nashua)

Becky Longval from the Nashua Humane Society was there for the police search. “The animals were very, very scared, very terrified of us coming in. I think they’re not used to humans passing by. There were separate kennel areas, indoor, outdoor stuff. Not a position for animals to live in,” she says.

When confronted by the police the owner gave the dogs up voluntarily, but may face criminal charges. In the meantime the focus is on rehabilitation. The dogs need some medical care and a lot of socialization training since they were kept cooped up most of the time. After that, adoption.

“Our hope is we’ll get them medically sound. We’ll spay and neuter them. We’ll make sure they’re physically fit and ready to go,” Barry says.

The first of the dogs should be ready for adoption in about two weeks. If you’re interested, contact the Humane Society for Greater Nashua or the Concord SPCA.