CHATHAM (CBS) – A fishing trip company captured incredible video off Cape Cod Sunday of a killer whale swimming alongside dolphins. The three fishermen were about 50-70 miles off Chatham when they spotted it.

“We saw the splashes on the water and we went to investigate, thinking, hoping it would be tuna and turned out to be an orca,” said Captain Kelly Zimmerman of Got Stryper Charters and Baits.

The massive killer whale’s fin was skimming the top of the water as dolphins swam alongside.

Captain Zimmerman says he was in absolute awe of the creature.

“When it exhaled and it blew a bit of vapor up, we were downwind of it, you could actually smell fish,” Zimmerman said. “We were close enough that you could actually smell this mammal. That just added to it, it was just a wild experience.”

It’s a fleeting moment that Captain Zimmerman and the crew won’t soon forget.

“When it pulled off, we just looked at each other and were like ‘Wow! That was cool!’” Zimmerman said.

Zimmerman says it really sunk in just how special this moment was after speaking with harpooners who have been doing this for decades. Even they have never seen a killer whale up close in their careers.


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