LEXINGTON (CBS) – A community in Lexington is remembering the life of a woman whose husband has been charged in her murder. Friends, family and many who didn’t know Shen Cai gathered at Hastings Park to honor her life.

Those WBZ talked to said Cai had a kind heart and was extremely active in her community. Many placed flowers down inside a large heart with Cai’s picture in front of them.

“Sometimes what we see is the circumstances of a tragic death like this can overshadow the human being that she was,” vigil organizer Valerie Overton said.

Members of her church sang Amazing Grace as some fought back tears.

Photo of Shen Cai at vigil in Lexington (WBZ-TV)

Cai’s body was found in her SUV two weeks ago on Worthen Road in Lexington. Her husband, Hongyan Sun, was arrested last week and charged with murder.

The murder shocked many people in town. “For domestic violence to have intruded here is sobering,” said State Sen. Michael Barrett. “It reminds us of a familiar truth which is this can touch any family.”

The DA says the couple were going through a divorce and believes there was a fight inside the couple’s home.

“For us it’s also an opportunity to get to know her better,” said Hua Wang, President of the Chinese American Association of Lexington. “We wish we had more opportunity to get to know her.”

A woman places a flower on the ground at a vigil for murder victim Shen Cai in Lexington (WBZ-TV)

“She’s sunny. She’s warm. Even though she had some struggle in her life, she was always very active and liked to reach people,” said Chinese Bible Church Senior Pastor Juta Pan.

The town is gathering Thursday evening to talk about Cai’s death and to offer grief counseling. Cai’s funeral services will be held Saturday.