BOSTON (CBS) – A new program promising to speed up airport security landed at Boston’s Logan Airport. The system, called Clear, uses biometrics including eye and fingerprint scans.

The new program is launching in Terminal A first. Travelers will see the new pods in the terminal.

Once passengers are scanned, they can skip the line where you get your boarding pass and license scanned and go right to the bins at the TSA checkpoint, or to TSA pre-check.

New Clear terminals at Logan Airport. (Image Credit: Anna Meiler/WBZ-TV)

Clear costs $179 a year. It’s separate from TSA pre-check, which costs $85 for five years, and Global Entry, which costs $100 for five years but automatically enrolls you in TSA pre-check.

Logan Airport became the 29th airport and 47th location overall to use the system.

“Everyone at Clear is excited to launch here at Logan because it’s an important and frequent destination for so many of our members,” said Gina Bruzzichesi, Clear’s executive vice president of operations said in a statement. “We’re especially proud about bringing new jobs here to Boston and are looking forward to working with Massport and our local TSA partners to make traveling to and from New England safer, easier and even more enjoyable.”

Clear may also soon be used at sports venues in Boston, allowing fans to get into games faster. The technology could even eventually be used to allow people to buy drinks and food with a fingerprint.

Bruzzichesi said passengers have no need to worry about privacy issues with the technology.

“We don’t ever sell or share our data, and everything is encrypted,” she said.


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