CANTON – Police say that after a string of weekend robberies – during which a man brandished a meat cleaver – they have a suspect in custody.

Mathew Kiernan, 18, of Sharon, was arrested early Tuesday morning after a brief chase and a struggle, according to the Canton Police Department.

“It hurts to hear that it, you know, that it was somebody so young,” said Alyssa Burke who was working at the Wash n Fold at the time of the robbery. “I would have rather just given to him out of my pocket than, you know, see somebody ruin their life like that so young.

Mathew Kiernan. (Photo credit: Canton Police Department)

Police said a Canton police detective saw a man dressed in all black, wearing a black mask, a blue scarf, gloves bearing the Patriots logo and Nike sneakers – the same clothes worn in both armed robberies – riding an electric bicycle down Washington Street. He called for help and police allegedly chased Kiernan until he hit a curb and fell off his bike, struggling with officers until he was taken into custody. Police said a crowbar and a meat cleaver were found in Keirnan’s backpack.

“I could not be more proud of the dedication and commitment of our officers in apprehending this very dangerous individual. We are grateful no one was physically harmed in these violent robberies and also realize how terrifying the ordeal must have been for the honest store clerks who were working the night shift,” said Canton Police Chief Kenneth Berkowitz.

“Obviously we were all concerned with someone running around with a meat cleaver,” said Berkowwitz.

Police said the Canton Wash n Fold was robbed last Tuesday, then Kelly’s Place and the Seasons gas station convenience store, in Stoughton, on Sunday.

Kiernan faces multiple charges, including robbery, assault and resisting arrest.

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