WORCESTER (CBS) – Worcester police are searching for a driver who hit a person and then took off Sunday night.

It happened on Orient Street and Plantation Street just before 10:30 p.m.

Police say a 53-year-old William Gonsorcik was seriously hurt and is in the Intensive Care Unit of a Worcester hospital but is expected to survive. He was hit trying to cross the street while out for a run.

William Gonsorcik, right, was the victim of a hit and run in Worcester on Monday. (Photo credit: David McNamara)

“It’s heartless and very, very painful,” said David McNamara, Gonsorcik’s husband. “He has a broken elbow that they put in a cast. He has a broken knee, which is below the leg, so his leg is broken. He has damage to his hips, damage to his ribs.”

Two witnesses heard the impact and say they saw the driver of a black vehicle take off.

“All of a sudden I heard a bang. I thought it was two cars colliding,” said witness Erica Greenslid.

“For somebody to leave somebody on the ground like that and take off – absolutely terrible,” said witness Michelle Felch.

“I want him to come forward. I want justice,” said McNamara.

Police are asking for anyone with information to call the Worcester Police Department.

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    People take it on the gun
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