By Nick Giovanni

STOUGHTON (CBS) – Shannon McCarthy is such a huge Bruins fan that Dunkin’ Donuts is sending this woman, who is battling serious illness, to Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Final.

Four tickets were waiting for her when she came in to get her morning coffee at a Dunkin’ in Stoughton on Friday.

“I’m elated,” said McCarthy. “Elated wouldn’t even be the word. This is crazy.”

But that’s only part of the story. Shannon’s friends and family have started a Facebook group to persuade the Bruins to give her the honor of waving the flag before one of the upcoming home games.

McCarthy, of Stoughton, has fought breast cancer and now has a mass in her pancreas requiring surgery. But, as far as she’s concerned, all that can wait until the Bruins have brought home the Stanley Cup.

WBZ’s Jim Smith sat down with McCarthy earlier this week to learn more about her decision to hold off the surgery.

“I met with my surgeon, who was not happy with me, but I explained to him it cannot be until the Stanley Cup was over,” McCarthy said then. “I was like, I can’t. It’s the playoffs, then the Cup, then the parade, and then I’ll be in.”

Her reason was straightforward: because she’s all about the Bruins.

Today’s tickets only reinforced her decision.

“This is how I’m getting through every day. Support and the Bruins,” McCarthy said. “I’m going!”

Nick Giovanni


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